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Table 5 The main features of smart home technologies [36]

From: The social issues of smart home: a review of four European cities’ experiences

The main purposes - Managing energy use
- Controlling appliances
- Controlling heating systems
- Making life at home more convenient
- Improving security and safety
- Enhancing entertainment and communication
- Supporting assisted living or health
- Detecting faulty appliances
The potential benefits - Save energy
- Make things less effort
- Save time
- Save money
- Improve security
- Provide comfort
- Provide peace and mind
- Improve the quality of life
- Enhance leisure
- Provide care
- Increase property value
The Potential Risks - Increase dependence on technology
- Increase dependence on electricity networks
- Non-essential luxuries
- Increase dependence on outside experts
- Make household members lazy
- Monitor private activities
- Invasion of privacy
- Intrusive
- Result in a loss of control
- Make households worry more
- Disrupt daily routines