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Table 3 From both the CIMULACT and BioKompass projects, citizen contributions served as primary material for one or more products of participator foresight processes

From: Participatory foresight and reflexive innovation: setting policy goals and developing strategies in a bottom-up, mission-oriented, sustainable way

Citizen-based Contributions from Participatory Foresight Processes in CIMULACT and BioKompass
CIMULACT Foresight Process Artefacts BioKompass Foresight Process Artefacts
Citizen generated visions of a sustainable society Scenarios co-developed with citizens
Research Topic Areas co-developed by citizens and experts Narrative Personas co-developed with citizens to examine daily life in each scenario
Finalized Horizon 2020 topic suggestions and policy recommendations. Imagery and designs for futures artefacts from each scenario presented in museum exhibition.
  Student-developed, future-oriented ‘serious game’ as medium for interactive outreach and awareness raising
  Information boards developed by students for public exhibition.