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Table 1 CIMULACT research topics in which contributions by citizens were viewed as novel with respect to expert based inputs on the research areas. For more detail on these comparative differences please refer to (Gudowsky and Rosa 2019)

From: Participatory foresight and reflexive innovation: setting policy goals and developing strategies in a bottom-up, mission-oriented, sustainable way

CIMULACT Citizen-Based Research Topics with distinct perspectives not covered by expert based Foresight studies
Access to equal and holistic health services and resources for all citizens
Research should define the state of the art of the healthcare system in the different European countries in order to promote an equal distribution of resources and knowledge with a Pan-European dimension.
Balanced work-life model
Research should rethink the definition of “work” and develop approaches that permit to recognize and reward as “work” all different kinds of human activities including socially valuable daily life activities such as domestic work, childcare, caring for the elderly and social work.
Finding a balance in a fast-paced life
Research and innovation activities should explore ways to support citizens to manage their daily lives in a balanced way by valuing relationships, taking breaks and creating opportunities for recreation.
Promoting well-being through relating environments
Research should develop empowering and supportive physical and virtual environments for cooperating and learning at the individual, workplace, and community level
(Business)Models for balancing time
Experimenting with or setting up work-life balance pilot programmes
Evolving food Cultures in big cities
Research should explore how cities could cater to increasingly diverse food cultures in a sustainable manner
Collective Transportation Options
Applied research should be developed on transport systems: less based on new infrastructures; less top-down organized and more community-based, self-organized; capable to enable socialization; based on flexible units.
Basic Universal Income
Theoretical and empirical research should be developed to investigate ways to implement a BUI.
Debating Alternative Economic Models
Community Support Actions should design a multi-actor approach to foster a dialogue about experiences with available alternative economic models, with the aim of building a common knowledge base, dissemination to and engagement of all relevant stakeholders in co-creation activities, integrating and adapting models for regional/local context, developing strategies for policy implementation
Relocalizing Investment and Finance
The current financial sector needs reformation to foster sustainability and well-being. Research should explore how to foster this transition
Educational Ecosystem
Research should investigate how systematic learning could be used as driver for local innovation and development.
Design Thinking and Life skills
The research should investigate the power of design inquiry, thinking & doing / as a mean to foster creativity and innovation and boost learners’ abilities to think “out of the box” (set and solve the so called wicked or “ill-de-fined” problems)