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Table 2 Main characteristics of the selected TD projects according to project proposals

From: Whose knowledge, whose values? An empirical analysis of power in transdisciplinary sustainability research

Funding cohort20152015201420142014
Planned project duration4 years4 years4 years3 years3 years and 3 months
Thematic clusterHealth and educationRegional developmentRegional developmentUrban developmentTechnology
Range of submitted project budget (EUR)1–1.5 million2.5–3 million2.5–3 million< 500,0001.5–2 million
Number of academic institutes listed as applicants48737
Main type of practitioners involvedPublic service providers, associationsPublic sector actorsNGOs, associationsNGOs, associations, public sector actors, citizensPrivate sector actors, public sector actors, ‘consumers’
Letter of intent (LOI) of (selected) practitionersYesYesNoYesNo
Reference to notion of transdisciplinarityStrong (but mostly in the interdisciplinary sense)StrongStrongStrongWeak
Financial resources for practitioners according to budget planNoNoNoNoNo