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Table 1 Summary of key comparison items between two participatory agenda setting projects

From: The creation of inclusive governance infrastructures through participatory agenda-setting

  Continuity of care Achieve60AZ
Decision support area Where are opportunities to increase continuity of care for patients in Arizona with serious mental illness within the health, law, and government systems? What are the tradeoffs of different pathways to achieving 60% adult postsecondary attainment in the state of Arizona by the year 2030?
Timeframe Dec 2018–May 2019 Nov 2017–Feb 2019
# of workshops, participants 5, 50 32, 200+
Role of researcher
Facilitator, reflective scientist Facilitator, change agent
Level of citizen participation
Placation Partnership
Role of data visualization/model Support discussion of possible connections between data sets in siloed sectors, potential design and use of a future interactive tool, and the data sets necessary to drive it Model interrelated social systems, visualize population biases, quantify and drive conversations regarding the connection between education and economy, workforce
Ownership of final visualization/tool Research team Community partner