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Table 2 A compilation of initiatives and practitioners, listing the different kinds of green care services, with examples and references to research/practice specialties in Hungary

From: Science-society dialogue from the start: Participatory research agenda-setting by Science Cafés

Type of green care service Specialty
Animal-assisted therapy Connection-centred animal-assisted therapy (method developed by the expert)
Animal-assisted therapy Herding therapy with goats and sheep (method developed by the expert)
Animal-assisted therapy Therapeutic work with horses, provided by a clinical psychologist
Animal-assisted therapy Therapeutic work with horses specialised for children
Healing garden/garden therapy Autism-specific garden
Healing garden Healing garden for patients in a courtyard of a hospital
Wilderness therapy Wilderness therapy programs for youngsters in childcare
Wilderness therapy Therapeutic caving tours for children/youngsters with special needs
Ecotherapy Ecotherapy sessions for people with mental health issues
Care farming Providing services for children with special needs at an ecological farm
Green exercise Hiking trails for people with cardiovascular diseases