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Table 6 Basic software competencies

From: Future smart energy software houses

Areas [3] Software competencies
Conceptual domains
 Markets • IS design
 Energy services • Server software, databases, IT/IS interfaces, cloud
 Operations • Process automation systems, remote data acquisition and processing (control systems)
• Workstation software, databases, information processing (distributed systems)
• Data processing, communication protocols (real-time systems)
 Grid users • Intelligent electrical devices (IED) design (embedded software)
 Organizational • IS design (business process engineering)
 Informational • Service design, data/information modeling
 Technical • Networking, communications
Cross-cutting issues
 Shared meaning of content • Semantics
• Datahubs
 Resource identification • APIs
 Time synchronization and sequencing • Reactive and responsive systems design
 Security and privacy • Cyber-security engineering and monitoring
• Data/information management
 Logging and auditing • DMS
 Transaction and state management • Platforms
 System preservation • Resilience
• Risk management
 Performance/reliability/scalability • Architecture design
• Performance engineering
• CPS design
 Discovery and configuration • Brokering
 System evolution • Systems design
• Configuration management