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Table 2 Taxonomy from [11], Futures Research Methodology 3.0

From: A note on the classification of future-related methods

Method Quantitat. Qualitat. Normat. Explorat.
Agent Modeling   X   X
Causal Layered Analysis   X   X
Chaos and Non-Linear Systems X    X
Cross-Impact Analysis X    X
Decision Modeling X    X
Delphi Techniques   X X X
Econometrics and Statistical Modeling X    X
Environmental Scanning   X   X
Field Anomaly Relaxation   X   X
Futures Polygon X X X X
Futures Wheel   X X X
Genius Forecasting, Vision, and Intuition   X X X
Interactive Scenarios   X X X
Morphological Analysis   X X  
Multiple Perspective   X X X
Participatory Methods   X X  
Prediction Markets X   X  
Relevance Trees   X X  
Robust Decisionmaking X    X
Scenarios X X X X
Science and Technology Roadmapping X X X X
Simulation-Gaming   X   X
State of the Future Index X X X X
Structural Analysis X X   X
Substitution Analysis     
Systems Modeling X    X
Technological Sequence Analysis   X X  
Text Mining   X X X
Trend Impact Analysis X    X
Visioning   X X  
Wild Cards X X   X