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Table 1 Chapters from Knowledge Base of Futures Studies

From: A note on the classification of future-related methods

1. A Generic Foresight Process Framework, J. Voros
2. Planning and Implementing Futures Studies, M. Garrett
3. The Prospective Approach: Contingent and Necessary Evolution, F. Roubelat
4. Causal Layered Analysis: Post-structuralism as Method, S. Inayatullah
5. From Future Workshops to Envisioning Alternate Futures, J. Dator
6. The Visioning Method, C. Bezold
7. The Spiritual Foundations of Envisioning the Future, W. Ziegler
8. Wild Cards: Thinking About Big Future Surprises, J. L Petersen
9. Ten Questions Every Organisational Futurist Should Be Able to Answer, A. Hines
10. Becoming a Foresight Practioner, E. Robinson
11. Defining Futures Fluency, W. Schultz