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Table 3 TOWS part 1—understanding the external threats and opportunities and the internal weakness and strengths on the Pakistan nuclear problem

From: Using systems thinking to design actionable futures: a nuclear weapons example

External threats
 T1 Islamic Faction controls some nuclear weapons
 T2 Militants gain strength from unstable nation
 T3 Militants are supported by Islamic Faction
 T4 Nation is becoming unstable
 T5 Pakistan unlikely to welcome external military forces
 T6 International will is lacking
External opportunities
 O1 International fear of insecure nuclear weapons
 O2 Pakistan used to military rule
 O3 US military and resources
 O4 India Military and bases
 O5 Islamic and Militant forces vulnerable to attack
 O6 Loyalists are well organised and ingrained in environment
Internal weaknesses
 W1 Limited available military forces
 W2 Takes time to mobilise military forces
 W3 Low pool of resources
Internal strengths
 S1 Highly specialised forces
 S2 Relatively well respected internationally
 S3 Well organised humanitarian relief strategies