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Table 2 List of the final 12 worlds after congruence analysis and combination of like worlds

From: Using systems thinking to design actionable futures: a nuclear weapons example

Letter Combination Explanation
P F3L2I5M3N3S3 Pakistan is starting to collapse due to emerging Islamic threat and loss of nuclear weapons
R F1/2L4I5M3N3S2 Islamic Republic is formed
L F4L1I1M1/3N1/3S2 Limited intervention to support Loyalists
S F4L1I5M1/3N1/3S1/2 Loyalist guarantee stability in Pakistan
I F1/2L3/4I4M3/4N2/4S4 Unsuccessful international intervention
A F3L2I3M1/2N1/3S2 Unpopular but successful International intervention resulting in stability
B F3L2I1M2N1/3S1/2 Successful intervention
F F4L2I1M1/3N1/3S2 Islamic Faction no longer a threat to stability
M F2L4I4M4N4S4 Militants and Islamic faction fight for control
C F4L4I4M4N4S4 Infighting amongst militants and Islamic faction resulting in disintegration of Pakistan
N F4L1I1M1/3N2S3/4 Nuclear weapons are located but not controlled
U F3L2I2M4N4S3/4 Pakistan military loses control of the nuclear weapons