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Table 1 Variables developed through FAR and used in developing the scenarios

From: Using systems thinking to design actionable futures: a nuclear weapons example

Islamic Faction Loyalists, International Intervention, Militants, Nuclear Weapons Internal Stability
F1 Dominating L1 Dominating I1 Welcomed and effective M1 Not supported and weak N1 Known and Safe S1 Strong and Stable
F2 Strong L2 Strong I2 Welcomed but not effective M2 Not supported and strong N2 Known and unsafe S2 Stable
F3 Weak L3 Weak I3 Not welcomed but effective M3 Supported but weak N3 Unknown and safe S3 Shaky
F4 Ineffective L4 Ineffective I4 Not welcomed nor effective M4 Supported and strong N4 Unknown and unsafe S4 Unstable
   I5 No intervention