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Table 6 Results, Layer 4

From: Creating a shared narrative: the use of causal layered analysis to explore value co-creation in a novel service ecosystem

Co-developing the underlying mind sets and concepts directing the service ecosystem development

Systems dynamics

 ‘It’s not all about money. An intensive community is more important.’ (I-9)

 ‘The particular aim in here is to enhance different forms of cross- and transdisciplinary collaboration; to create systems dynamics from a societal perspective.’ (I-4)

 ‘I have only been there to meet my existing partners and stakeholders.’ (I-3)


 ‘What is needed there is the unique concept of co-creation, something that does not exist in many places.’ (I-8)

 ‘Before anything, we want to work here as a team regardless of organisational boundaries.’ (I-4)

 ‘This is a learning process. The platform should be flexible but durable. Co-creation – that creates the change.’ (I-7)

 ‘We are aiming for changes in the organisational culture.’ (I-1)

 ‘Literally, there is no such thing as an open environment – not as long as we talk about money in this world.’ (I-3)

Power of mind sets

 ‘The platform builds on people and their random encounters, together with the modes of operations, and the environment.’ (I-5)

 ‘There is nothing more important than motivation – motivation to work hard and to adopt to changing conditions.’ (I-1)

 ‘In the end, it all depends on people.’ (I-19)