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Table 5 Results, Layer 3

From: Creating a shared narrative: the use of causal layered analysis to explore value co-creation in a novel service ecosystem

Co-elevation of the worldviews and values with (hidden) impacts on attitudes and behaviour
Pioneers in university-industry collaboration
 ‘This is a laboratory where scientific knowledge about learning and innovation is being applied in practice.’ (I-7)
 ‘Given the resources we have in Finland, with not much money and with challenging weather conditions and all, it is important that the Finnish universities stay strong in university-industry collaboration.’ (I-1)
 ‘This is a pilot. We kind of open up this campus through integrating it with the city around it.’ (I-5)
 ‘Compared to the USA or UK, this is a world-class project.’ (I-9)
A showroom versus shared processes
 ‘We now have a space where our team can meet, which also serves as a showcase toward the outer world.’ (I-6)
  ‘We aim to develop operations models that are based on co-creation. This place has an image that supports the aim.’ (I-3)
 ‘The real things will not be shared. They are kept in secret to make financial profit. That is my view on how things work.’ (I-2)
 ‘Openness is important. There is no point to compete.’ (I-10)
 ‘Kampusareena is a platform, and it is the people who co-create.’ (I-4)
Ecosystem development takes time
 ‘It is interesting to see how this platform develops and what keeps us here in the long run.’ (I-11)
 ‘The infrastructure suits co-creation well, but developing the concept takes at least a few years.’ (I-10)
 ‘A year is far too short of a time period to estimate the results and success of this platform. Ten years is a minimum.’ (I-9)
 ‘It is rather short-sighted to talk so much about financial challenges when this place is meant for creating solutions.’ (I-2)
Old habits die hard
 ‘Building up new operations models will take years.’ (I-8)
 ‘In ICT and electronics, the tradition and culture for co-creation is surprisingly weak.’ (I-1)
 ‘The university could be more active in bringing forth their knowledge and supplies.’ (I-11)
 ‘Well, we have people here who only work together with the universities or with the companies.’ (I-10)
 ‘There is bustle, but no dialogue.’ (I-4)
 ‘This is a place where university staff is not making science or teaching. For the university, it represents lost resources.’ (I-7)
 ‘More information is needed about how to integrate co-creation in the university’s scientific research.’ (I-3)
 ‘Besides being challenged by the university’s ability for quick responses, companies find it difficult to get information about the possibilities for collaboration.’ (I-10)
 ‘The goals should be set higher.’ (I-2)
Platform-specific facilitation and marketing
 ‘It is strategically important that the campus welcomes different actors to work in the same premises. However, this platform is just one of the facilities where that collaboration takes place.’ (I-21/22)
 ‘What is needed is events and continuous activities; that is, facilitation.’ (I-5)
 ‘It is important that the platform becomes more self-organising in a few years’ time.’ (I-16)
 ‘There are some tensions between the two managing organisations.’ (I-16)
 ‘The role of the university’s partnerships unit is not clear to me.’ (I-6)
 ‘As I see it, the concept idea is being lost or set aside on purpose. The focus seems to be on short-term monetary profits.’ (I-4)
 ‘There is an urgent need for a marketing plan including all the main actors of the platform.’ (I-12)
 ‘It is not the customers’ role to find their way to the services.’ (1-10)
 ‘The success stories should be highlighted more, serving as examples.’ (I-2)