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Table 4 Results, Layer 2

From: Creating a shared narrative: the use of causal layered analysis to explore value co-creation in a novel service ecosystem

Co-defining the system-level behaviours and rules that direct the ecosystem development
Attitudes towards collaboration and engagement
 ‘We will create a new concept where a low threshold results in increased networking and a sense of community.’ (I-1)
 ‘Well, this place is good for those who are looking for multidisciplinary collaborations.’ (I-5).
 ‘It would be more effective and interesting to have events for dedicated fields of study.’ (I-14)
 ‘This platform represents the ongoing change in work cultures.’ (I-17)
 ‘This platform works for proactive people.’ (I-16)
 ‘We believe this platform will be beneficial for us in the long run. Measuring the benefits, however, is difficult.’ (I-21/22)
 ‘Those who work here in research and teaching – they should be more active.’ (I-3)
 ‘The aim was to attract companies to join the campus, and to then encourage them to renew their thinking in close collaboration with the university.’ (I-5)
 ‘I hope that the platform creates things that companies cannot solve by themselves.’ (I-8)
Lack of experimentation
 ‘No big investments are needed. This place could serve as a great platform for testing new tools and methods.’ (I-13)
 ‘This platform has a lot of potential as a place for demos.’ (I-7)
 ‘I wish this platform would encourage taking time for creating something new instead of being effective all the time.’ (I-1)
 ‘Allocating more time for the platform activities would certainly be beneficial.’ (I-11)
Facilitation requested
 ‘If the aim is to really mix people and ideas, more support is needed to activate the co-creation processes.’ (I-20)
 ‘The platform owners should take more responsibility for facilitation. They know their own world, but as everything is new to us, we do not know how to navigate there. Channel management [for new platform actors] is needed.’ (I-12)
 ‘It is not something that can be automated, I mean, enhancing value co-creation needs coaching and looking after.’ (I-8)
 ‘Guidance from a person to a person is a prerequisite for this platform.’ (I-13)
(Mis)interpreting the concept
 ‘There’s a lot of talk about innovation ecosystems and networking, but I haven’t figured out what it could mean for us.’ (I-11)
 ‘The vision is not clear to all of us. There are many simultaneous processes going on.’ (I-16)
 ‘The co-creation practices are fragmented, and their interrelations are not obvious.’ (I-8)
 ‘[It seems to me that] either the organisations have not understood the concept [of Kampusareena], or then they have difficulties in creating contents that support the concept.’ (I-8)