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Table 3 Results, Layer 1

From: Creating a shared narrative: the use of causal layered analysis to explore value co-creation in a novel service ecosystem

Current perceptions about how the platform supports value co-creation
Brand value
 ‘Finland has some of the best universities in the world as per the their activeness in university-industry collaboration.’ (I-7)
 ‘The image connected with the platform supports value co-creating activities.’ (I-3)
 ‘The idea was to create a landmark, a building that would strengthen the university’s brand image.’ (I-5)
 ‘This concept is interesting. More importantly, the constant competition between the two foundation-based Finnish universities guarantees that the progress will not end here.’ (I-1)
Positive feedback confronts scepticism
 ‘The physical space is attractive, with an emphasis on the experience [of collaboration].’ (I-20)
 ‘The location is good. The place has good vibes, and it’s crowded there.’ (I-11)
 ‘There’s too little bustle, and the lobby is nothing but a transit zone.’ (I-12)
 ‘Co-creation is a common topic of discussions, but [it is] not realised in practice. (I-13)
 ‘The resistance for this platform is harsh.’ (I-4/16)
 ‘Too much attention is given to how things work from the companies’ perspectives.’ (I-15)
Open versus a closed system
 ‘This place represents a no man’s land that is easily accessible to all kinds of actors.’ (I-19)
 ‘Ultimately, this place is rather closed. People do not come this far from downtown.’ (I-12)
 ‘Even the smallest things can make big barriers for collaboration. The need for a pass [for entering company premises] challenges the concept for open collaboration.’ (I-14)
 ‘It is not easy for companies and students to come together. Besides the lobby, there are no places for social encounters.’ (I-15)
 ‘All the action happens at the 2nd floor. I barely ever go to any other floor.’ (I-4)
 ‘There are challenges in information sharing.’ (I-14)
Awareness of the platform
 ‘I guess there are quite many people from the university who have never been to Kampusareena.’ (I-15)
 ‘It takes time before people get familiar with new concepts.’ (I-21/22)
 ‘More effort is needed to encourage dialogue between the different organisations. I don’t actually even know the actors there.’ (I-20)
 ‘I have not seen changes in the work cultures. At least not yet.’ (I-2)