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Table 3 New technologies ranking sorted by relevance

From: Plan Ceibal 2020: future scenarios for technology and education—the case of the Uruguayan public education system

Rank External panel Internal panel
1 Cloud Computing Adaptive Learning
2 On-line Learning Mobile Learning
3 Social Networks On-line Learning
4 Mobile Broadband Social Networks
5 Mobile Learning Virtual Remote Labs
6 Info Visualisation Gamification
7 Adaptive Learning Mobile Broadband
8 Gamification Learning Analytics
9 Bring your own Device Bring your own Device
10 Learning Analytics Cloud Computing
11 On-line identity Inverted Classroom
12 Crowd-sourcing Badges & Micro-credits
13 Flipped Classroom MOOCs
14 Visual Data Analysis Open Licensing
15 New Generation Batteries Augmented Reality
16 Augmented Reality Speech-text Translation
17 Open Hardware Holography
18 Internet of Things Internet of Things
19 Natural User Interfaces Crowd-sourcing
20 Semantic Applications Self-quantified