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Table 3 Timing of realization and implementation

From: A proposal of a new foresight platform considering of sustainable development goals

Variables Definitions Options
Technological realization When technology is expected to be achieved (somewhere in the world including Japan)
When technological environment is ready such as achievement of anticipated performance. (e.g., when prospect of technology development becomes clear in stage of R&D in a lab)
When a theory or phenomenon becomes scientifically established in case of fundamental science
Select one from: Achieved / Achievable / Not Achieved/ Not Sure
If “Achievable” selected, additional question will be asked to identify the year that will be achieved between 2015 and 2050
Real-world implementation When it’s applied in the Japanese society or internationally led by Japan
When achieved technology is available to be used as a product or service (or when it’s diffused widely)
When a framework, ethical standard, values, or societal consensus is established in case of non-S&T topics