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Table 4 Opportunities of future software organizations

From: Future software organizations – agile goals and roles

Enabling NEEDS for Software Competences and Resources / Roles
Cost innovation:
• Same service or product can be implemented, provided and serviced with a lesser cost but similar quality.
• Moving digital data costs less than moving physical goods.
• Software component in goods allows reduction of the production costs compared to physical / hardware components.
• Shared computational services / more IP-addresses enable to enlarge the networks and computational capacity – and e.g. new business with shared services.
• Thinking whole chain from production to consumer some steps can be streamlined for business opportunities.
• How could software change Your company (industrial engineering and operations management) [2, 32, 33]?
Business innovation:
• smart products and services
• new business models in digital economy
• What is the role of software in Your industry going to be [3, 5, 30, 34, 35]?