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Table 3 Factors of future software organizational changes

From: Future software organizations – agile goals and roles

Changes NEEDS for Software Competences and Resources / Roles
Digitalization changes former physical goods … into abstract form. • What is the role of software going to be in Your products / services [3, 5]?
In physical form, the domain knowledge has been essential. Domain knowledge becomes hygiene; knowledge on meta-level is essential (who builds the platform). • What software will contribute to Your customer value creation [6, 29]?
Old players have a challenge to use the digital channels. Automation reduces transaction cost. Delivering digital (or physical) goods via internet costs less, and subscriptions can happen more often. • How does software change Your demand / supply chain [9, 30, 31]?
The market could change or extend because of digitalization. New players (having software background) have been able to enter to digital market. • What software companies will be Your prime competitors / collaborators and what are their key competitive advantages [3, 28, 30, 32]?