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Table 3 Examples of emerging technologies in the sector of ultrasound devices. The first column contains the keywords extracted with the contrast procedure explained in the text, plus the ultrasound filter; the second column lists the other relevant words that recur associated with them, reorganized according to syntactic or semantic similarity in order to facilitate interpretation; finally the third column provide the interpreted description of the technology

From: Functional technology foresight. A novel methodology to identify emerging technologies

Main keywords Co-occurrences Interpretation
Bone age, ossification, ultrasounds. Assessment, measure;
structure, year, growth, velocity, stature;
skeletal, metaphysis, wrist, cartilage;
child, baby, birth, premature;
adult, osteoporosis.
Technique to evaluate skeletal growth in small children or elders, using ultrasound instead of X-rays.
Great thickness difference, ultrasounds. Diagnostic, measure, check;
elastic, properties, strain, pressure, value, variation, minimum, maximum;
tissue, vascular, wall, cycle, cardiac;
Technique to evaluate change in thickness and elastic response to strain of the cardiovascular apparatus using ultrasounds
Endothelial cell, ultrasounds. Vessel, blood, clot, thrombus, thrombin, thrombogenic, fibrin, platelets, flow;
damage, hifu;
coagulation, cavitation;
occlusion, catheter, abrade;
1. Treatment of thrombus
2. Damages to endothelial cells (collateral effect of treatment)
3. Coagulation (haemostatic effect)
4. Activation of cells to facilitate drug delivery