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Table 1 List of medical device technologies examined during the Foresight exercise

From: Functional technology foresight. A novel methodology to identify emerging technologies

HIFU High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound - a medical procedure that uses focused sonic energy to heat and destroy tumoral tissues.
NOTES Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery - a minimally invasive technique that uses human body’s natural orifices to introduce surgical instruments and reach internal organs, with no external incisions or scars.
Harmonic™ Scalpel A surgical scalpel that uses high-frequency vibration to cut through tissues; at the same time it achieves haemostasis, sealing blood vessel by coagulation.
TissueLink™ A surgical scalpel that uses radiofrequencies to cut and achieve haemostasis.
Coblation® A device that induces ionization to dissolve target tissues at low temperatures.
Cyberknife® A robotic system for radiosurgery (treatment of tumors using X-ray radiation).
Echomyograph A device integrating an ultrasound scanner and an electromyograph to achieve the simultaneous evaluation of results.
Advanced urodynamics Combination of ultrasound scans with traditional urodynamic testing.
RFID applications Radio Frequency Identity Devices allow automatic objects’ identification; many uses are possible, from tracking drugs to monitoring patients conditions.
Neuro-rehabilitation Use of mechatronic systems for post-trauma motor rehabilitation; it allows new protocols, telecare solutions, and treatment of larger numbers of patients.
Laser regeneration Laser radiation is used to induce tissue regeneration (e.g. in skin treatments).
Dedicated MRI Smaller, transportable MRI devices able to can scan single body parts; they can be used for a variety of exams, e.g. to study bone pathologies.
Micro CAT Smaller, transportable CT devices to scan single body parts or small animals.
PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System - medical imaging databases for improved management, sharing and statistical elaboration of data.
Wearable sensors Clothes-embedded sensors monitoring medical parameters for early diagnosis.
Colonoscopy pills Pills containing video cameras can substitute standard, invasive colonoscopy.
Induced ultrasounds Laser-induced ultrasounds can be used to achieve non-invasive virtual biopsies
CMUT systems Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer - innovative transducers allowing smaller dimensions, larger bandwidth and higher resolution.
Electric pain therapy Electrical stimulation of tactile nerves may help reducing pain sensations.