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Table 2 Examples for technology as supporter of change

From: Human centred science and technology—transdisciplinary foresight and co-creation as tools for active needs-based innovation governance

Technology as enabler Vision
100 % security of personal data against abuse – it will be achieved by an advanced technology CZE3
The robots are not replacing the people, since they are only built to ease the work and not to take it over HRV2
The city is self-sufficient because of renewable energy and technology advances ESP6
Technological progress has allowed renewable energies to respond to everyone’s demand FR2
Developments in technology and medical sciences have prolonged people’s lives and improved their quality of life FIN2
More advanced technology which will facilitate communication and relationships between people. BGR3
Technological development has evolved and contributed to finding solutions for better resource management and natural disaster prevention. POR1
Technology has allowed free time for focusing on personal and collective development POR4
[…]by 2050, the quality of life will have improved tremendously for senior citizens – aided by technology ROU4
Technologies at the disposal of education, in order to enable a learning process which is continuous and not limited to school classes ITA6
An easier access to advanced technologies, with more intuitive and functional interfaces. A technology that fosters face-to-face relationships instead of virtual ones, em-powering actual sociality ITA6
Profits from patents are used to disseminate education and popularization of science and technology SVK1
Digital innovations are used to support learning processes DE5
[…] technological development has contributed to a significant increase of self-treatment/autonomy, and with this also social equality NOR3
Technology will develop in harmony with the environment and individuals’ needs ROM3
Technology does not alienate people and does not endanger their health PL3
[..] regulate the role of new technologies in order to avoid damaging the quality of human relationships ESP3
Technological developments are making working process easier, but not taking away jobs from the humans HRV2
The development of new technologies, in accordance with the laws of nature, will lead to the improved quality of life HRV3
The high-tech knowledge we have acquired, is being channelled into new solutions. By using all resources (people, technology, money), continued welfare and sustainable growth is created NOR2
Our level of industrial and technological development allows us to better combine a shorter working day, time dedicated to child education and a freely chosen contribution to our community LUX4
Universal material and technologies allow us to remake old things and turn them into new ones.[…] This invention frees society from the use of the surplus and creates conditions for harmonious personalities LAT4
Living in a society in which technology helps people throughout all aspects of life (food, health, environment, economic activity) in order to afford the “luxury” of investing in personal development ROM1
In 2050, the technological and scientific breakthroughs have led to: minimised pollution—air pollution, water pollution, domestic waste; the use of clean energy sources—growth of the share of renewable and sustainable energy; clean food and water—self-evident and available for everybody; environmentally friendly means of transport—public transport solutions, fuel; a change in the nature of work—a shorter workday, contribution to socie-ty/social dimension EST5