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Table 1 Exemplary technologies mentioned in citizens' visions and interlinked services

From: Human centred science and technology—transdisciplinary foresight and co-creation as tools for active needs-based innovation governance

Specific technologies mentioned in visions Service they fulfil
Nuclear fusion, roads equipped with energy captors, superconductors, green battery Accessible, affordable, abundant and green energy
Teleportation, hover platforms, magnetic levitation, light rail capsule, air vehicle, eco-hovercrafts, drones, a bridge connecting Cyprus and Crete Fast, flexible, affordable, smart, reliable and clean transport
Nano-technology, hibernation, revolutionary drugs, implanted chips, joint and bones regeneration, artificial implants Healthier, prolonged, equal living supported by technology
Robots Support working and living environments
Memory recovery, e-learning Lifelong learning, strength based education
Holograms Telecommuting, knowledge sharing platforms, Improving interpersonal relationships, equality
Device for reading thoughts Fair dispute resolution
3d printers, a universal material Production autonomy, less consumption
Cyber polling, e-voting, electronic referendum Building trust in democracy, active citizenship