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Table 2 Overall degree of scenario consistency in the UBA and Lima Water case (across actors and forms of scenarios) (own assessments on a 6 point scale: 1 not given at all, 6 fully given, consistency criterion of CIB if not indicated otherwise)

From: New outlooks in traceability and consistency of integrated scenarios

Cases dimensions UBA Lima water
1)Internal consistency 6= fully given 5= given across all forms of scenarios except for 1 out of 4 scenarios
2)Consistency within 6= fully given 4= rather given, except for 1 out of 4 scenarios
3)Consistency between different forms of scenarios (does not apply) 4= rather apparently given across raw, narrative, numerical (input side) and integrated scenarios
4)Consistency of underlying models (Neither systematically & explicitly compared nor adapted) 2= rather not given