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Table 1 Threats and Opportunities related to Wild Cards

From: Wild cards in transport

  Threats and Opportunities Wild Card
Opportunities Harmonization of technical standards across Europe strengthens Europe as a united economy 6. Europe-Wide Traffic-Control System
Establishing safety technologies satisfies demanded accident reduction 8. Autonomous Ground Vehicles Widely Used
Policies stimulate R&D and innovation 9. Lightweight Self-Healing Materials Revolutionize Vehicles
Transport industry develops new solutions in the field of sustainable mobility 10. All-Electric Road Transport, Based on Renewable Energy
Increased urban sprawl and congestion push the proliferation of mass transit systems, which represents a new market 11. Superfast Ground Transport
The quality of the journey is in the foreground due to many interlocking solutions, which ensures the leading position of Europe due to its quality standards 13. Massive Abandonment of ICT-based Systems
No corresponding opportunity 5. The Emergence of Drones
No corresponding opportunity 7. Flying cars, at last!
The traditional border among transport sub-sectors crumbles because companies develop new initiatives beyond their core business, which is the entry into new markets No corresponding Wild Card
Europe strengthens quality and productivity of its products No corresponding Wild Card
Market adaptability supports shift to emerging markets No corresponding Wild Card
Threats Different political interests of EU member countries have an inhibitory effect on European transport industry competitiveness 1. Drastic Decrease in Freight Transport
Future developments force development of new materials, information and communication technologies, future fuels and energy 2. Energy Abundance
Growth of cities and urbanization of rural areas leads to overpopulation of cities and leads to mobility break down 4. Mass Migration of People
Congestion pricing lowers market share of transport 12. Slow Travel / Slow Logistics
Road pricing in urban areas reduces market share of vehicles in urban areas 14. Drastic Decrease in Passenger Transport
No corresponding threat 3. Total Cessation of Economic Relations between US and the EU
New perspectives and ways of business operation, post ownership-society and “mobility instead of transport” diminish markets No corresponding Wild Card
Competitors in emerging markets displace EU transport industries leading position No corresponding Wild Card
Loss of leading position if vertical and horizontal integration and creation of competitive European big players is not undertaken due to market adaption and competitiveness on the market No corresponding Wild Card
SMOG/ Air pollutants caused by transport No corresponding Wild Card
Restrictive parking regulations/ policy leads to diminution of commuting trips by car No corresponding Wild Card