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Table 6 Biofuel value chain 2050 in Smart villages scenario

From: Participatory and prospective value network analysis: supporting transition towards biofuels in Finnish road transport

Actors Value generation
Prerequisites for value generation
(By what means?)
Supporting activities
Food industry
• root debarking
• further processing
Waste → Raw material Enough waste for raw material  
• field side streams
• livestock
Side streams → Raw material Enough side streams for raw material  
Wood production
• forest industry companies
• private forest owners
Wood Raw material availability (volume and quality)  
Technology providers
• raw material
• processing
• services
• organising
Technology needed in the whole chain Working markets for technology providers R & D, start-up assistance
Trade Waste → Raw material Waste → Raw material  
Transport company Raw material collecting Suitable stock and enough raw material to transport  
Small refineries Raw material processing Enough raw material and demand for the end product  
Distribution company Fuel transport and distribution Suitable stock and distribution logistics  
Consumers Fuel to the vehicle Suitable vehicles in reasonable price Vehicles and fuel in reasonable price (taxes)
Service providers Total service (fuel as a part of total service) Working service business