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Table 5 ‘FlexiFuel’ value chain 2050 in small steps scenario

From: Participatory and prospective value network analysis: supporting transition towards biofuels in Finnish road transport

Actors Value generation
Prerequisites for value generation
(By what means?)
Supporting activities
Consumer Transport km Suitable vehicles
100 % ethanol cars consume more fuel than“fossil” cars (10 l / 100 km)
Support: transport km cannot be too expensive
Vehicle manufacturer FFV-vehicles Manufacturing FFV vehicles should be profitable EU subsidies needed (today car manufacturers do not benefit from producing bioenergy vehicles)
Distributor Distribution Service stations should have biofuel-suitable equipment Service station renovations (100 % biofuels)
Logistics Distribution Own tanks for 100 % biofuel  
Industrial waste flows Waste refining (biorefinery) Industrial waste Neutral regulation (markets decide how “waste” is utilised)
Other industrial manufacturing “Main product” Enough production, volume