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Table 3 The changes required by the three prospective value chains for 2050 in MLP levels in small steps and small villages scenarios

From: Participatory and prospective value network analysis: supporting transition towards biofuels in Finnish road transport

  Small steps scenario Smart villages scenario
  Drop-in Flexi-fuel Biofuels
  Transport Energy Transport Energy Transport Energy
Landscape Existing values and attitudes, no changes in user behaviour needed.   Changes in user attitudes needed to adopt flexible fuel vehicles with higher fuel consumption.    Circular economy, co-operative models.
Regime Existing vehicles. Existing distribution system. Existing fuel mixing technologies and equipment. Existing biomass production system including biofuel production. Increase in volumes. Service station renovations needed, to be able to distribute 100' % biofuels. Sufficiency of industrial waste as biofuel raw material is a critical question.   Improved waste reuse system.
Niche    Flexible fuel vehicles.   New transport service packages (vehicle, service, fuel)