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Table 5 Coalitions at the highest level of agreement (0.9014)

From: A strategic policy scenario analysis framework for the sustainable tourist development of peripheral small island areas – the case of Lefkada-Greece Island

{G5, G4} {G3} {G6} {G7} {G2} {G1} Alternative scenario
B0.05 D0.00 B0.00 B0.01 B0.00 B0.02 A - ‘Worst case scenario’
D0.05 C0.05 C0.05 D0.06 D0.05 D0.07 B - ‘Shift to the hinterland – Green perspective’
C0.28 B0.50 D0.20 C0.45 C0.50 C0.48 C - ‘Shift to the sea – Blue perspective’
A1.35 A0.50 A0.95 A0.78 A0.80 A0.80 D - ‘Shift to sea and hinterland – Green and blue perspective’