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Table 1 Evaluation criteria

From: A strategic policy scenario analysis framework for the sustainable tourist development of peripheral small island areas – the case of Lefkada-Greece Island

a/a Domain Evaluation criteria
Κ1 Environment Level of sustainable exploitation of natural and cultural resources
Κ2 Level of vulnerable ecosystems’ protection
Κ3 Economy Level of new employment expected
Κ4 Promotion of local products – level of interaction of the tourist sector with the rest of the local economic sectors
K5 Level of alternative tourism development
Κ6 Society Level of social and economic cohesion created
Κ7 Level of population restraint
Κ8 Level of awareness raising in the local society (business and societal level)
K9 Spatial pattern Level of spatially balanced development of the tourist sector
K10 Tourist accommodation infrastructures Level of environmental culture permeating tourist businesses - Ecological footprint of tourist businesses