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Table 1 Evaluation criteria

From: A participatory methodological framework for paving alternative local tourist development paths—the case of Sterea Ellada Region

Κ1 Environment Exploitation of cultural resources 5
Κ2 Economy Development of ‘mild’ forms of tourist activities 5
Κ3 Promotion of entrepreneurship 4
Κ4 Enhancement of regional extroversion 4
Κ5 Support of local employment 4
Κ6 Promotion of PDO products 4
Κ7 Society Social and economic cohesion 5
Κ8 Increasing awareness of local community 5
Κ9 Spatial Organization Integrated management of natural/cultural resources 4
Κ10 Balanced diffusion of activities 4
Κ11 Energy - RES Renewable energy production/energy saving 3
  1. Source: Panagiotopoulou 2012 [25]