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Table 6 Interview responses for external use of outputs

From: What corporations do with foresight

Codes/subthemes N Example responses
Marketing 6 Press releases on research web site; used in external marketing materials and public relations pieces; based on foresight project the company did not advertise in the Super Bowl and trimmed the use of conventional advertising media. Instead, the firm increased the use of social networking and grass-roots advertising.
Customer 6 Large customers utilized the global foresight map for inspiration and input for their own ideas for new services; foresight activities popular with customers; number of complaints about “your company is not innovative” have almost disappeared
Conference 5 Awards from conferences; creative department contact asked to speak at event
Publication 4 Internal foresight magazine published twice a year and draws from multiple foresight projects; technology publication is an example. Foresight project became the basis for an article in a non-company publication in 2012. External publication/article
Suppliers 3 May participate in ideation sessions; scenarios shared with advertising agencies, culinary specialists, ideation firms, design firms to inform them about company priorities; not all Foresight project information is shared externally or may have proprietary information removed
Acquisition 2 Foresight project identified location-based services and navigation as a trend. Later the company bought a technology partner to add navigation products; foresight project results shared with a small company which the manufacturer may invest in