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Table 5 Interview responses for internal use of outputs

From: What corporations do with foresight

Codes/subthemes N Example responses
Ideation 11 Broad input for decision-making for new products or services; an draw a direct line from foresight activities to new product or service; project generated 20–30 concepts which were taken by advanced engineers for further development; business unit was in trouble and commented that the foresight project was a “light in the dark”; already influencing research and development project pipeline decisions
Products/services 9 Identify which portfolio of products likely to do well across multiple scenarios; build the business case (practical application of foresight activities); products came out of an overseas foresight project which are already in production related to alternative fuels
Planning 6 Executive management used video scenarios in meetings involving where the business is headed and where to invest resources; three opportunity areas assigned to Director-level managers for further research or implementation
Culture 5 Foresight information used to align employees with corporate direction, projects, and brand direction; trend day event makes internal audiences aware of key trends affecting the company; foresight project details positively impacts business unit culture
Black-hole 5 Case studies are hard to find or get permission to share (consultant); foresight group handed-off project to departments or management. “In some cases, I do suspect the information goes into a black-hole”; foresight team focused on social networking (prior to the launch of Facebook). Some attempts made to work in this area but the execution was not there and the attention-span was not there; foresight team handed-off of material at the conclusion of the project. Little direct reporting of actions by management
Workshop 2 Onsite exercise along with collateral including trend cards, posters; activity brings in speakers (one per day) covering buying trends, health trends, etc.
Incidental report 2 Consultant will hear later of a product or service launch by client, which match the results of an earlier foresight project.