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Table 4 Interview responses for foresight outcomes

From: What corporations do with foresight

Codes/subthemes N Example responses
Report 27 Multi-client trend tracking report (syndicated research) sent to client subscribers; consumer assessment for corporate strategy team; includes synthesis of trends and opportunities; how the company wants customers to see them in the future; assess future market opportunities; worldwide lifestyles and technology reports; recommendations reviewed with senior leadership to prioritize efforts towards goals
Visuals 9 Foresight communication to internal audience; trend displays as document/poster/presentation; single panel for key areas (advanced design, planning, HQ); video for each scenario; foresight visualization room; internal groups vote for most important focus and recommend additional themes
Presentation 7 Presentation accompanies recommendations; customer trends presentation; global trends presentation for overseas division managers; executive summary presentation; CEO presentation, based on a foresight project, to the board of directors and later to senior business executives
Scenarios 4 Scenarios are a combination of trends (10–12 trends); global scenarios; scenario planning presents the evidence of future events
Publication 4 Technology foresight publication in two versions: one internal and the other for external presentation to component suppliers or large clients; annual publication address trends in design, technology, consumer interests, economics, etc.
Forecast 1 Used to identify major trends
Data 1 Enormous amount of data generated from foresight project
Newsletter 1 Daily newsletter about interesting trends available company-wide (14,500+ subscribers)
Marketing materials 1 For customer-facing foresight-related presentation
Database 1 Foresight project results are entered into an “Idea” database