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Table 3 Additional interview responses for methods

From: What corporations do with foresight

Codes/subthemes N Example responses
Weak signals 5 Futures companies scan daily for “weak signals” in blogs, news groups, external research companies; created daily newsletter focusing on four signals (14,500+ subscribers).
Values 5 Customer Values - psychological perspective of beliefs, motivations, preferences; little change as adults; clusters of values (Persona); spend money to acquire valued item/view.
Forecast 5 Market analysis (how product portfolio affects landscape or vice versa); extrapolation of historic data: numbers, charts, trend lines; assumes [trends continue] unchanged/unchallenged.
Backcasting 4 Tests assumptions of future; Steps backwards to spot steps and signals to reach goal; create blueprint for reaching preferred future by monitoring indicators/milestones from prior data.
Games 4 Participatory futures test scenario; iterative scenarios based on consumer group personas and role playing - workshop tool.
White spots 3 Opportunity spaces for business, product, or service that company has no offering today.
Interview 2 Consultative: meet with head of project to discuss leading questions and bring back relevant trends via presentation, printed materials, or workshop for cross-functional audience.
Other methods 1 Futures Wheel, Delphi, Roadmapping, Futures Triangle, Causal Layered Analysis, War Room, Decision Trees, Expert Network, Spiral dynamics, Futures Audit, Implications Wheel