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Table 2 Top interview responses for methods

From: What corporations do with foresight

Codes/subthemes N Example Responses
External experts 22 Outside consultants conduct primary research and develop trends; moving company from understanding future to actually making investment decisions; serve department-specific needs.
Scenario 17 “Creating Leading Questions” to identify key topics; Deductive Scenarios for strategy; Inductive Scenarios for research; develop story describing future based on identified signals of change.
Trends 15 Trends Monitoring (or scouting) to understand developments in macro-environment; Big-Trends: clusters of smaller trends (5–10) with significance; Trend Analysis projects only 2–3 years.
Scanning 9 Looking for signals of change (new developments, directional, trends, and discontinuity on the horizon).
STEEP 9 Gauging external environments; VSTEEP: STEEP factors -emergent activities across the factors become a Big-Trend.
Workshop 6 Facilitate ideation (internal for discovery or presentation); or innovation: held in various locales/customer sites around globe.