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Table 1 Participating foresight practitioners and corporation

From: What corporations do with foresight

Code Industry FS Role Yrs. FS Practitioner
Used Position
I01 Consumer products Team member in strategy Div. 2–4 Employee
I02 Telecom infrastructure Member of corporate FS team 9 Employee
I03 Clients: chemical, entertainment media, furniture Project manager, analyst, client liaison 17 Consultant
I04 Clients: chemical, food, consumer goods Project lead, teach FS to internal contact during project 23 Consultant
I05 Clients: transportation, media Project lead, external consultant 18 Consultant
I06 Food & Beverage Project lead, internal expert 4 Employee
I07 Electrical Engineering Innovation team member, project lead, internal expert 6 Employee
I08 Info Comm Tech (ICT) Project facilitator, writer, internal FS resource 10 Employee
I09 ICT Project facilitator, internal FS expert 6 Employee
I10 Transportation Project lead, internal FS expert 17 Employee
I11 Consumer packaged Goods Project lead < 1 Employee
I12 Transportation Project lead, internal FS expert 26 Employee
I13 Food & beverage Project lead, subject matter expert 3 Employee
I15 IT solutions Project lead, initial project research contributor 2 Employee