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Table 1 Opportunities and threats. A summary

From: European packaging industry foresight study—identifying global drivers and driven packaging industry implications of the global megatrends

Clustered Megatrend/challenge Opportunities Threats
“More from less” Product protection Packaging to reduce (food) waste (e.g. fully emptiable, multi-packs, re-closable, smaller size etc.) More people—higher food demand Lean packaging Support sustainability at a higher level (product, business, value chain etc.) Proactively shape and define sustainability and sustainable packaging Aseptic packaging as an alternative to cold chains Barriers to extend shelf life Supply chain collaboration for better performance Packaging for recovery Water packaging Deepening poverty due to over-exploitation of natural resources Increasing material prices Increasing energy prices Scarcity of water, energy etc. Competition for raw material to other products (including bio-energy) Competition for forest land use to agriculture, housing, infrastructure etc. Climate change affecting material supply Too little emphasis on primary function of packaging and too much emphasis on recovery of packaging.
“A personal touch” Packaging—a materialised service Smart packaging Added value by packaging Sustainable packaging/packaging to support sustainability Bridge gap between end-user and material Packaging innovation for healthy and nutritional food New business models Consumption of services instead of goods
“On the move” Packaging logistics efficiency Packaging barriers—shelf life Lifestyle enabler Integrated waste management solutions Urbanisation can pave the way for more efficient production and distribution Recycling and waste management availability, convenience and capacity
“Divergent demographics” Universal packaging design Growing middle class Growing prosperity Healthy food Functional food Reduce food losses  
“iWorld” Smart packaging Logistics efficiency New business models and products Tagging Packaging as a time saving provider Free content—product samples Packaging as a link to the digital world Physical products replaced by virtual products IPR of packaging and product designs