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Table 1 Selected examples of the evaluated national foresight projects

From: Evaluation of technology foresight projects

Country Title of the foresight project Date of project realisation Date of project evaluation
Germany Futur 2001–2005 2002–2003
Hungary Technology Foresight Programme (TEP) 1997–2001 2004
United Kingdom UK Foresight Programme 2002 2006
Colombia Colombian Technology Foresight Programme (CTFP) 2005–2008 2010
European Commission Foresight activities implemented by the EU indirect actions under FP5 and FP6 and managed by unit K2 in DG Research of the European Commission 1998–2002 (FP5)
2002–2006 (FP6)
UNESCO Anticipation and Foresight Programme 1999–2005 2005
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