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Table 2 Projections of the Delphi survey

From: Scenarios for the future of the European process industry - the case of the chemical industry

Projections Short title
1. 2030: The uncertainty (i.e. the degree of complexity and dynamics) in the industry environment has increased. Uncertainty
2. 2030: Rules and regulations within the industry have been tightened. Rules and regulations
3. 2030: The value chain of the industry has fundamentally changed. Value chain
4. 2030: The overall industry attractiveness has increased. Industry attractiveness
5. 2030: Radical innovations have led to fundamental changes within the industry. Radical innovations
6. 2030: The oil dependency of the European chemical industry has decreased significantly. Oil dependency
7. 2030: All European production activities have been relocated to outside of the EU. Production shift
8. 2030: Public pressure has made image a key value driver for chemical companies in the EU. Value of image
9. 2030: Synthetic materials have drastically reduced the global need for the mining of metals (e.g. gold, iron, copper). Synthetic materials use
10. 2030: High-performance materials are made completely out of recycled substances. Recycled materials
11. 2030: The European chemical industry suffers from a dramatic shortage of qualified personnel. Qualified personnel shortage
12. 2030: Scientific breakthroughs in the chemical industry have eradicated world hunger. World hunger
13. 2030: Resource scarcity has led to a shift in the raw material mix used in the chemical industry. Shift in raw material mix
14. 2030: Bio-based products have created a paradigm shift in chemical production. Bio-based products
15. 2030: Sustainability has become a key corporate value of European chemical companies. Value driver sustainability