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Table 1 Literature review on factors determining the future of the European chemical industry

From: Scenarios for the future of the European process industry - the case of the chemical industry

Factors influencing future developments Heinzelbecker [15] KPMG [7] Deloitte and Cefic [20] ATKearney [21] Accenture [3]
Shift of chemical production and demand to Asia and the Middle East Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Increasing cost pressure and (oil) price volatility, esp. on commodities Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Volatile business environment No No No Yes No
Moving down the value chain No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pressure to innovate products, services, manufacturing technologies and business processes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shifting R&D to Asia; global diffusion of market and technology knowledge No No No Yes Yes
Domestic advantage of European companies continues Yes Yes No Yes Yes
New market players from the Middle East and Asia, state-controlled companies due to access to cheap raw materials No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consolidation of chemical industry by mergers and acquisitions and alliances Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Increasing demand for customer-specific solutions No Yes No No Yes
Sustainability-orientation Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Focus on asset utilisation and core competencies Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Maintaining know-how and attracting talent No Yes No Yes Yes
Regulation and activism, e.g. in risks and safety Yes No Yes Yes No
Commitment to organic feedstock, substitution of oil-based products Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes